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Chi Heals You

                        Through a moving meditation practice called Qigong




Posted on April 5, 2015 at 3:20 PM

APRIL 5, 2015

The CIRCLES OF LIGHT Event, held inside and all around Folsom State Prison last Tuesday, was without a doubt one of the best days of my life. It confirmed for me the saying, "When we heal ourselves, we heal the world."  And I might add, "When we heal the world, we heal ourselves."  I think the latter is what everyone who participated on Tuesday, got to experience.  We came together to heal the prison, to support the T'ai Chi Chih class inside, to help Franky heal from his wrongful imprisonment, and yet each of us received so much more than we gave.  

As the preparation and planning for the event unfolded, I had a chance to see clearly that energy flows, it gets blocked, it becomes weak or strong, and that discovering the reason for the blockage isn't always necessary, and the blockage isn't always bad.  Sometimes it is there to show us how to help the energy flow in another way, and sometimes the NEW way will be better than the path it was on!  

Example #1:  Franky had to jump through hoop after hoop, supplying documents from his attorney and the court, in order to be allowed to come back inside Folsom, and so he couldn't purchase his airline ticket until the last minute, making it very stressful and expensive.  And yet, he didn't give up, and his determination was mirrored by that of the Community.  More and more people kept showing up and sending in money, so that we could help Franky pay for his ticket.  The Universal flow was supporting him, through us, to grow further in this part of his journey, and we got to experience this with him. 

Example #2:  The men were not issued their "duckets" allowing them to be released from their cells to attend the Retreat and Banquet on the morning of the event. But because of that, they got to experience the care, consideration, effort and determination it took to make sure every one of them made it there.  They were each valued, individually, as members of the class and our community, and it touched them deeply. 

Example #3: I forgot to apply for Sandy McAlister's guest pass (!) until it was too late for the prison to issue one.  But I got to connect in a meaningful way with Staff in the prison, and they went the extra mile to make sure it was processed in time for the event.  I got to experience a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for some of the people who work inside. 

Example#4:  Franky Carrillo has every right to feel deep resentment towards the system that robbed him of 20 years of freedom, but he chooses another path.  He has reached out to the Judge, the D.A., and the prosecutors who participated in his incarceration.  He has befriended them, as well as the former head of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.  Because this, he gets to live a life of peace and serenity. He gets to model this path to those still on the inside.  It also puts him in a position to advocate and lobby for change, thereby benefitting his inmate friends, and changing the system.  

My T'ai Chi Chih and Qigong Instructor, Judy Tretheway (who taught the class at Folsom Prison and New Folsom for 13 years) wrote:

"The teaching of Hun Yuan Ling Tong boils down to this for me:  Keep the energy (chi) flowing; and the corollary:

Don't let the energy get stuck....It's simple, it's applicable, and it answers my questions in the moment.  Flow means

change is happening; potential is alive in the air; fresh energy is flushing the system and the old patterns are releasing."

On Tuesday, March 31st, we all joined in CIRCLES OF LIGHT, to support growth and change, releasing old patterns.  I also saw clearly (tending to be a loner of sorts) that we create strength and abundance - greater flow - by reaching out to others, by connecting to the whole, by ASKING for help.  That by consciously connecting to the greater flow (like we do every time we practice), the energy becomes INFINITE!  Infinite in it's power to support, to heal, to love, to transform.  

The Folsom class sent out a desire, a prayer:

                            "Please supply us with nourishing food; please join us in our practice," AND YOU DID, AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL.  

Categories: Folsom Prison Class, T'ai Chi Chih

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